JABBADUB is a fully electronic dub project from Zgorzelec, which emerged in 2006. After some home sessions, involving Dino (live mix, track selection), Macko (guitar) and Michal at the beginning (keyboard, melodica, percussion, flute), an idea of creating band was initiated. The aim was to join features of dub sound system with live instruments and live dub mix.
They traverse through plenty of genres starting from heavy steppers, onedrops and twosteps, ending with jungle-dub trends and dubstep mash.
During Jabbadub`s performance, you may admire their own compositions as well as digital-dub remakes of artists from all over the world, like Duberman, Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa, Alpha & Omega, Zion Train, Dubmatix & Ranking Joe, Izrael and many more.
They have also cooperated with vocalists like The Last Dove of Peace, or Jammu out of RWR Babylon Terror from Jawor.
In September 2007, Dusha aka Soullion joined the band. He ideally fit in the dub atmosphere, provided by Jabbadub. All together, they played many concerts in whole Poland between 2008 and 2009.
In April 2009, the electro-music magazine LAIF published a dub medley, which contained Jabbadub`s track titled "MILKY WAY".

July 2009 was very busy. Dino and Dusha spent days in the studio. One of the effects of their work is published on youtube.com short clip of the track "Phenomenon". Moreover, they played quite a number of concerts and set up their own publishing netlabel paproota.org. The first release published on paproota is an SP containing the tracks LOI TRI HAVI and its dub version DUB TRI HAVI. In three days time since the publishing, this singiel had been downloaded more than 300 times, which was the reason for server's breakdown. Next, it was the track "Kiczen", in which samples of gen. Jaruzelski's speech had been used, was selected by activists of ANTENA KRZYKU to be put in the legendary medley titled DUB OUT OF POLAND part 3. For over three years of the band's activity they have already played more than 40 concerts with groups like Camp Babylon Sound, Dub Chanters at the Controls, Exit From Hell, Joint Venture Sound System, Kosmos Mega Sound System, Paihivo, Rise Up Sound, Radical News, RWR Babilon Error, Soothsayers, Sweet Potato, United Flavour, Unity Selectazz, Vibronics, Wszystkie Wschody Słońca (All Sunrises SS), and Yac. .


PAP001 Jabbadub - Loi Tri Havi (SP)
PAP002 Jabbadub - WOMAN (EP)