May 20 Fri

Będzie Głośno Soundsystem Session

happening on May 20, 2022

There has never been an event like this in Bogatynia! Soundsystem Session in the park with the best local DJs – KRYSTIAN K-JAH WALCZAK (K-Jah Sound), DUSZA ( and BLIZNA TERROR SOUND. It will be loud, it will be dancable and there will be no disco – polo! Come and listen to Caribbean rhythms, Jamaican dub and dancehall.

For the first time in Bogatynia, those you know well, K-Jah and Dusza from Bogatynia, as well as the excellent crew from Pieńsk – Blizna Terror Sound – playing vinyl selection, will play together their sets on one stage. Orson Soundsystem will take care of the sound – it’s also a local crew. Come and have fun then! Let dancing in the park to the rhythm of songs carrying a positive message be an excellent form of a therapy for all of us in these difficult times.

Friday, May 20, 2022;
Bogatynia, Preibisch Park (behind to the library);
starts at 4 PM;
free entrance.