Sound system sound system is a DIY wall of loaded speaker cabinets, created to promote dub music in possibly best quality. In its foundation, there are 8 super scooper boxes that are able to produce low-frequency basslines, still audible and already feelable. The initiator, builder and operator of it is Dusza, one of the co-founders of netlabel. Since it was established in 2014, sound system has been amplifying events on a regular basis, like ‘Tripoint Vibez’, ‘Dubova Bićka’, or Paproota Stage at Fokus Festival, and tens of various one-time occassions, like Bass Camp’s day stage (2016), Dub Temple #82 (2016), Bass Station #11 (2018), to name just a few. For any technical inquiries, please send a message via email address on the ‘contact’ page.

a bit of history

The idea to have a sound system, after the netlabel was established in 2009, appeared around one year later. At first it was all about possessing some equipment in order to be able to organize nights and be independent in the sonic department. Soon enough the lesson was learnt that the manufactured sound systems might be ok for any genres, but for dub. Hence, after saying farewell to the burnt coils, the spark to actually build from scratch a proper sound system dedicated to playing dub/bass music only, landed firmly in 2013 in Dusza’s mind, who has ever since been in charge of the development and realization of that thought. The construction began in 2014. After months of mental preparation and planning, first wooden boards could finally be assembled into what dubheadesses and dubheads recognize quite quickly as super scooper bass boxes. Two to begin with were supposed to serve as a form of feedback, whether it makes any sense to work on the sound system with one’s own time and energy, or should someone more experienced take care of that. Surprisingly, the tests of the end results were optimistic and within a year the remaining part of what would afterwards become a small stack, was completed. In such a basic form, Paproota was already able to power smaller events, including the 2 initial editions of Wrocław’s GoodBass cycle, however, it was clear from the beginning that the way a 2-scoop version looked and sounded was nice, but a 4-scoop option would definitely be much nicer. That said, in October 2015, current at that time amount of pieces was doubled and it all started resembling the view from those beloved UK or French sessions. After that extension, Paproota entered its heydays being invited to many wonderful events, including the mighty Bass Camp and Dub Temple in 2016, which boosted confidence and secured the willingness to come back to the idea of adding even more elements to the stack in the future. And so it happened that in April 2018 a pair of scoops was constructed and joined to the rest, making Paproota a 6-scoop sound system and, for the first time, giving it the meaningful opportunity to play in two-stack set up. But even then, the concept of fulfilling the ultimate soundman’s dream wasn’t truly satisfied and with the course of time this discomfort got annoying to such a degree that the final decision had to be made and the final version (as of today) of sound system was built, which, for the time being, will do 😉